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We can assist you to secure home loans with no LMI* and discounted interest rates.

It’s important to work with a broker who specialises in professional lending to ensure you are maximising your lending options and saving money on upfront costs and interest rates.


Why Work With Us

  • We operate electronically

    We know you’re busy and like to save time. Anything we can do to make your 16-hour days easier, the better.

  • We understand your work

    We understand your operating structures and varied remuneration approaches, and can represent you accurately to the bank.

  • We understand you’re busy

    For that reason we operate with a focus on efficiency and time saving.

  • We know you like detail

    We also know you need it delivered quickly. We aim for a digital, slick and premium client experience. A quick game is a good game.

  • We have the connections

    We are Australia Wide and have strong, professional lender relationships plus we have access to LMI waivers for our legal professionals and access to discounted interest rates.

  • We are with you the whole way

    We manage the whole process from start to finish so you can focus on your career and we are 100% free to you (we are remunerated by the banks).

FINANCD specialise in

  • solicitors


  • barristers


  • partners



Our expert team can support you with:

  • Home loans

  • Investment loans

  • Commercial Finance

  • Business & Practice Loans

  • Car & Equipment Loans

  • Loans to Self Managed Super Fund


We can assist you to access 90% home loans with no LMI* and discounted interest rates.

We specialise in home loans for lawyers. We have access to lenders who will offer eligible lawyers discounted interest rates and LMI waivers. We manage the whole process from start to finish so you can focus on your career. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


Lawyers make great home loan clients. The banks know you are low-risk borrowers who rarely default on your home loan repayments. With strong income and long term career prospects you are a desirable borrower and the banks want your business!

How much can I save with waived LMI?

If you borrow over 80% of the property value, banks charge a fee called lenders mortgage insurance (LMI). This is an expensive fee and works out to be approximately $24,000 for a 90% loan on a $1m property.


We can help you secure a waiver for eligible lawyers allowing you to avoid this fee.


$24,000 is a big saving.


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  • summer-amazing-right-from-the-start

    “Amazing right from the start”

    Summer took the time to understand our situation, needs and goals, and then worked with us to achieve our first home purchase. We received frequent and insightful communication which made the process easier. Not to mention the cracker interest rate we now have!"

    - James & Ashley
  • summer-is-a-pleasure-to-deal-with

    “Summer is a pleasure to deal with”

    Summer guided me through every step of the way. Listened to my needs and always answered any questions I had professionally and in a timely manner. Her knowledge is amazing, having been in this industry for years, and her vivacious personality and passion definitely shines through"

    - Caleena
  • we-look-forward-to-doing-business-again-summer

    “We look forward to doing business again”

    The most amazing and dedicated mortgage broker in the business. She truly cares about her clients and absolutely loves what she does, a winning combination if you are in need of a mortgage broker. We look forward to doing business again with Summer in the very near future”

    - Zoe & Liam